21 Things Not to Do on a No Spend Weekend

21 Things not to do on a No Spend Weekend onequeenoneking.com

In America, the average person spends $73 on Fridays, $76 on Saturdays and $59 on Sundays-as much as $205 each weekend!

21 Things not to do on a No Spend Weekend onequeenoneking.com Courtesy of Gallup.com


Since people tend to spend the most on weekends, cutting expenses on these high spending days will help you to put more money towards paying down debt, building your emergency fund or other exciting financial goals.

One of the most effective ways to cut weekend spending is to have a No Spend Weekend.


What is a No Spend Weekend? You May Ask.

A No Spend Weekend is a great way to ramp up your creative juices and find ways to have fun without spending any money.

The main goal of a No Spend Weekend is to decrease your monthly discretionary expenses. I like to describe discretionary expenses as expenses that are not necessities, therefore can fluctuate dramatically from month to month. They are essentially wants or “nice to haves”. These costs include eating out, cable and internet, entertainment, hobbies, and shopping.


Expert Tip #1: A No Spend Weekend doesn’t mean skipping out on paying your bills. Make sure that your bills are paid to avoid paying late fees.


Realistically, if you can’t will yourself to commit to a No Spend Weekend, try a No Spend Day. My husband and I have No Spend Mondays along with the occasional No Spend Weekend. We have definitely seen a large decrease in monthly expenses when we commit to both.

If you want to effectively cut monthly expenses, here are 21 things not to do on a No Spend Weekend.


21 Things not to do on a No Spend Weekend

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  1. Don’t go out to eat at a restaurant

    -Cook dinner instead

  2. Don’t go to the movies

    -Have a cozy movie night at home using Netflix or Hulu

  3. Don’t buy another Kindle book

    -Head to the library. There are millions of free digital downloads or go old school soft cover instead!

  4. Don’t buy any new clothes

    -Declutter your closet and donate unused clothes and bags to charity

  5. Don’t pay for a morning yoga classes

    -Go for a long morning walk instead!

  6. Don’t buy your morning coffee from Starbucks

    -Make your own coffee at home. You can even jazz up your morning brew with delightful creams and flavors

  7. Don’t take a weekend-long vacation

    -Go sightseeing in your own town! There are amazing landmarks to explore right outside your front door.

  8. Don’t go to a Friday happy hour with friends

    -Have a potluck dinner instead

  9. Don’t meet up with friends for a drink

    -Invite your friends over for a game night

  10. Don’t buy dessert from a bakery if you have a craving for sweets

    -Bake some brownies or cookies or even a cake to satisfy your sweet tooth

  11. Don’t take an out of town weekend long vacation

    -Go sightseeing in your own community instead. There are probably some amazing landmarks right outside your front door!

  12. Don’t pay for lunch

    -Pack your own lunch and head to the park for a picnic

  13. Don’t go to the mall and spend money on items you don’t need

    -Take your family or a friend and volunteer. Do some good for your community!

  14. Don’t buy lunch

    -Make your own and head to the park for a picnic!

  15. Don’t head to the bakery when you need to satisfy your sweet tooth.

    -If you have a sweet craving, bake some cookies, brownies or even a cake instead.

  16. Don’t go to happy hour with friends

    -Invite them over for wine and board games.

  17. Don’t pay for a concert

    -Attend a free concert in the park. Many cities sponsor free events. All you have to do to find them is check your local newspaper or town’s website.

  18. Don’t head over to the farmer’s market

    -Get to work in the garden and plant some herbs and vegetables

  19. Don’t take your car to the car wash

    -Wash your car yourself

  20. Don’t pay to learn a hobby such as playing an instrument

    -Take a free class in your area. A cooking class at a restaurant or a class at a hardware store.

  21. Don’t take your kids to an arcade, like Chucky Cheese’s or Dave and Buster’s

    -Increase their intellectual capacity by exploring a free museum near your home

What are some other ways to decrease expenses on a No Spend Weekend?

Having a No Spend Weekend is a great way to be frugal. You are off to a good start!

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  1. I love that for each of your ideas of what NOT to do, you had an even more amazing idea of what to do instead! I’m always proud when a weekend passes and we didn’t spend money on food because we finally cooked everything we had in the fridge and enjoyed the left-overs (sometimes even tastier than the original dish)!

    1. admin
      December 13, 2018

      Thanks for reading! Leftovers are the best. Weekends are definitely the best time to get creative about your meals. Pinterest is the ideal place to find random recipes you’ve always wanted to try!

  2. Cliff
    September 24, 2018

    Nice article, I think it is a great idea to have no speand weekends for many reasons, and it never hurts to save money. It is great to find new creative ways to enjoy your weekend as well.

    1. admin
      December 13, 2018

      I agree. There are soo many free and low-cost activities you can do on the weekends. You just have to be creative!


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